Free Bulk Email Validation and DNS/MX Records Verification – PHP Source Code

Once i needed to get validated 1000s of email addresses with DSN/MX Record verification but could not find free online tool for that so thought to develop the utility myself.

It is working well here:

Following is PHP Source Code

//ini_set("display_errors", "On");

$MaxLimit = 100;

function CheckValidateEmail($email)
if(filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL))

if(!checkdnsrr($domain, 'MX'))
return false;

return true;

return false;

if(isset($_POST['email_list']) and $_POST['email_list']!="")
$email = '';
$text = trim($_POST['email_list']);
$emails = preg_split('/[\r\n]+/', $text, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);

$ValidList = "";
$InValidList = "";


foreach($emails as $email)


$result = CheckValidateEmail($email);

$ValidList = $ValidList.$email."\n";
$InValidList = $InValidList.$email."\n";



<h1 style='font-size:20px;'>Validate Bulk Emails - Unlimited (DNS/MX Records Verification):</h1>
<form method='POST' action="ValidateEmailsUnlimited.html">
Email List (maximum <? echo $MaxLimit; ?> email list at one time, one per line):<BR><BR>
<textarea name='email_list' id='email_list' rows=10 cols=60><? if(isset($_POST['email_list'])) echo $_POST['email_list']; ?></textarea><BR><BR>
<input type='submit' name='CmdAction' value=' Validate Emails '>
<input type='button' value=' Clear ' onclick="javascript:document.getElementById('email_list').value='';">
<?php if(count($_POST)>0){ ?>
<h1>VALID EMAILS (<?php echo $vcounter; ?>):</h1><BR>
<textarea rows=5 cols=60>
<?php echo $ValidList; ?>
<h1>INVALID EMAILS (<?php echo ($counter-$vcounter); ?>):</h1><BR>
<textarea rows=5 cols=60>
<?php echo $InValidList; ?>
<?php } ?>

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Notary Public Lahore & Apostille Form

I happened to need to attest few documents by notary public but could not find any direct number on internet for notary public Lahore. I had to personally go to Lahore High Court where I found one notary public very helpful for my required documents’ attestation with APOSTILLE form. There were charges for his services but I am putting his contact details to help others to find direct contact number of authorised Notary Public (Advocate High Court).

Advocate High Court & Authorised Notary Public
Lahore High Court Lahore
Shed Office/Seat # 11
Notary Public & Oath Commissioner Services
Tel: +92 (0) 321-4777-200

Apostille Form:
Download Apostille Form (needs to be filled according to your needs)

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Main Nara-e-Mastana by Abida Parveen

Main nara-e-mastana, main shouqi- e- rindana
Main tashna kahan jaaon, pee kar bhi kahan jana

Main souz-e-mohabbat hoon, main aik qayamat hoon
Main ashk-e-nadaamat hoon, main gouhar-e-yakdana

Main tahir-e-lahooti, main johar-e-malkooti
Nasoot ne kab mujh ko is haal mein pehchana

Main sham-e- farozan hoon, main aatish-e-larza hoon
Main sozish-e-hijraan hoon, main manzil-e-parwana

Kis yaad ka sehera hoon, kis chashm ka darya hoon
Khud toor ka jalwa hoon, hai shakl qalbhana

Main husn-e-mujassim hoon, main gesu-e-barham hoon
Main phool hoon shabnam hoon, main jalwa-e-janana

Main wasif-e-bismil hoon, main ronaq-e-mehfil hoon
Ik toota howa dil hoon, main shehar mein veerana

Poet: Wasif Ali Wasif
Artist : Abida Parveen

Download Link: Listen Naraye Mastana by Abida Parveen

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MT, EGD, CRULP, NUCES-FAST Lahore (Software Application Development Engineer 2003-2005)

I worked in Machine Translation Team at EGD, CRULP, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences – FAST Lahore for 2 years from 2003 till 2005 as Software Application Development Engineer.

Following is brief information about CRULP – EGD project:

Video Download Link:

GEO Report EGDTeam CRULP National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore FAST Pakistan

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Plesk Configuration : SSH Commands to Get Unique PHP Errors from Error Log

Following are commands to get unique php errors from error log file:

grep ‘on line’ /var/www/vhosts/ | cut -d’ ‘ -f6- | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

sed -r ‘s/(.*)(PHP Fatal error)/\2/’ /var/www/vhosts/ | sort -u

Following could be useful to get the file created for unique errors

sed ‘s^\[.*\]^^g’ /var/www/vhosts/ | sort | uniq -c > /var/www/vhosts/

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Check Domain’s DNS Records from Different Locations in the World / DNS Propagation Check

Following is useful link to check DNS record for a domain in multiple locations in the world:

DNS Propagation Check:

 Mountain View CA, United States (Google)
 Atlanta GA, United States (Speakeasy)
 Grapevine TX, United States (
 New York NY, United States (Speakeasy)
 Reston VA, United States (Sprint)
 Recife, Brazil (Hotlink Internet)
 London, United Kingdom (BT Global)
 Lille, France (Nordnet)
 Merzig Saarland, Germany (Probe Networks)
 Milan, Italy (BT Italy)
 Ankara, Turkey (TTNET)
 St. Petersburg, Russia (Uni of Tech & Design)
 Peshawar, Pakistan (PTCL)
 New Delhi, India (BSNL)
 Bangkok, Thailand (TOT)
 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (Clear-Comm)
 Hong Kong, China (PCCW)
 Melbourne VIC, Australia (Pacific Internet)
 Sydney NSW, Australia (Exetel)
 Auckland, New Zealand (Xtra)
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Check Website Performance from Multiple Locations Around the World

Useful link to check website is accessible on different locations in the world:

secondly it also let us know the access time to load website home page!

Following is one example:

Results for

Checked From Result KBytes Seconds Kbps
Sydney, Australia (5 Mbps) OK 19.99 1.08 148
Chicago, IL (45 Mbps) OK 19.99 0.48 330
Washington, DC (3 Mbps) OK 19.99 0.83 193
Los Angeles, CA (1.5 Mbps) OK 19.99 0.59 269
Santiago, Chile (760 Kbps) OK 19.99 0.62 258
Detroit, MI (5 Mbps) OK 19.99 0.70 227
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Urdu English Dictionary Android App for all android phones, android tablets and android devices

Urdu English Dictionary Android App was launched in November 2012 (6-7 months ago) for all android phones, android tablets and all other android devices.

Urdu English Dictionary Android App has been installed on nearly 60,000 android devices since Nov 2012 till today! There are nearly 17,000 active daily users using Urdu English Dictionary App on their devices.

Download Urdu English Dictionary Android App


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Urdu English Dictionary – iPhone iPad iOS App

Urdu English Dictionary iPhone/iPad/iOS App was launched in December 2011 and has been downloaded on more than 100,000 iOS devices till today! It serves more than 10,000 iOS users everyday!

Download Urdu English Dictionary iOS App

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Urdu English Dictionary – is a welfare project, launched in 2007 and now serving more 300,000 users every month. It contains more than 400,000 Urdu English terms and increasing day by day!


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